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Did it occur to the "experts" on the panel that the word "mean" in English connotes inadequate, inferior, poor, shabby, vicious, and malicious?
In addition, the dissent noted that the Supreme Court had held the term "right" to connote "ascertainable and legally enforceable power," and the term "enjoyment" to connote "substantial present economic benefit." As to the alleged ability to control the redemption of Empak shares and the subsequent redemption of WBC units, the dissent noted that such alleged ability, even if it did exist, was neither an ascertainable and legally enforceable power, nor a right that showered substantial present economic benefit on the decedent.
It's the same gasp heard when we dropped the B-word which was used to connote any mixer.
IBM has simplified its ThinkPad product lineup and changed the naming scheme to connote the experience of the product.
Even the mention of the word "personal" sends Condie into a similar spin, muttering about Francois Truffaut's Day for Night or Federico Fellini's 8 1/2, and how he does not like "those films." Only when it is spelled out that "personal" does not connote navel-gazer, does he relax a bit.
Definitionally, 'Islamism' does not connote a unitary phenomenon.
Adab came to connote the knowledge of poetry, oratory, ancient Arab tribal history, rhetoric, grammar, philology, and non-Arab civilizations that qualified an individual to be called well-bred, or adib.
For example, the Federal Reserve kept especially careful track of the monetary aggregates in the wake of the stock market collapse in October 1987 to ascertain whether there were unusual demands for money and, if so, whether they might connote flight from other financial assets or from spending.
A Jesuit or Jesuitical person came to connote a deceiver or prevaricator.
'They want armed struggle...the two words connote violence,' he added.
This term does not connote a sense of being without flaw but rather of being complete, full, or accomplished.
If nicknames connote trust, Joe Hairston's parents set him on the right path the day they just named him "Joe" rather than Joseph.