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In addition, the dissent noted that the Supreme Court had held the term "right" to connote "ascertainable and legally enforceable power," and the term "enjoyment" to connote "substantial present economic benefit.
The term Realtor has come to connote competency, fairness and high integrity resulting from adherence to stringent moral and ethical conduct in business relations.
Signs like these posted on guardhouses, beachfronts, walls, and fences of the growing number of exclusive resorts and residential communities along the Atlantic coast connote welcome to some, exclusion to many.
One may wonder, furthermore, about the exact meanings of "theatrical," "dramatic," and "iconoclastic," terms that Diehl uses in a slippery way to connote that which is spectacular, controversial, and rhetorical.
The monolithic form is barely relieved by rows of slit-like windows and an entrance porch cut into its south-east corner, where (as with Veenman), surreally oversized letters connote the name of the building's distinguished patron.
Worst of all, the very adjective gay will be perceived negatively--not because of homophobia but because so many readers will be fed up with a term that has increasingly come to connote hackneyed sentimentality, propaganda, rage without issue.
Siberia thus signifies freedom and prison, the steppe freedom and speed--a means of conquering space, and borders connote both "security and confinement".
The hinged corners of the building, which would typically connote mass, are in Holl's hands now familiarly understood as thin cladding to void space.
The days are gone when a Park Avenue address was all a law firm needed to connote success.
According to Justice Department regulations, a presidential pardon is a sign of forgiveness and ``not a sign of vindication, and does not connote or establish innocence.
By contrast, the "Social Facades" are wall pieces that employ cheap metallic and patterned foil sheets to connote the bright, prismatic effect of light bouncing around a congested urban environment.