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It ruled that the terms "enjoy" and "enjoyment" as used in various estate tax statutes, "are not terms of art, but connote substantial present economic benefit.
They communicate in a terse shorthand that connotes a shared history; the tension in their faces makes us want to follow them.
Object and thing are synonyms; object, appropriately for a visual discipline, connotes a "thing seen or perceived (OED).
Although the term appliance sometimes connotes a small kitchen-like device (and in some cases the appliance could be the size of a microwave oven), in the storage network environment this platform provides simplicity with intelligence serving the range of storage form factors from departmental and enterprise data center to carrier-class environments, and there are many benefits that appliances bring to data centers.
Responsibility connotes a freely made promise to carry out a certain duty.
The "laying on of hands," for example, becomes a type of "re-membering" which connotes both the revival of a forgotten heritage as well as the literal realignment of bodily parts.
because revolution connotes violence," Wan Azizah Wan Ismail told reporters at a Manila hotel.
These were for funerals, but following the early custom of the church, white seemed more appropriate since it connotes joy that a brother or sister has gone "home to heaven--our true home.
A messy workspace connotes a lack of self-respect and gives the impression that you don't know what you're doing, adds Pollar.
On the one hand, this dazzling dancer in the spotlight represents Kain in her youth, all coltish energy and determination; on the other, it connotes the blinding ideal of Kain's art that enthralls her (and us) to the end.
Such enthusiasm for an exercise that was botched from the beginning, that ended in a horrible blood-bath, and the continues to pose agonizing questions, connotes one thing that ought to dismay all of us: We have allowed our national zeal for "law and order" to carry us beyond all bounds of reason.
Apparently, the phrase "engaged to act on its behalf" connotes to Dr.