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In this special case, reminiscent of connubial contact allergic or irritant dermatitis (6, 7), the ecthyma gangrenosum lesions appeared on the "mirrored" skin surfaces of two partners, strongly suggesting a direct contact route of infection.
He'll be a villain in British women's eyes, but then they've never accepted the wisdom of freeing a husband from connubial chores once the chaise-longue hurly-burly has cooled.
So for connubial bliss, go for an electronic update of an old saw: If you can't think of something nice to say, don't text it at all.
Along the same line, familial education should be thought since it is apparent that many adolescent are not keen to choose marriage and family institution as safe and valid in the relationship known as connubial bliss.
And while I wouldn't go so far as to recommend that everyone view To the Wonder in a state of connubial bliss, it will surely spark recognition in anyone who has felt that first flush of new love, or that piercing moment of clarity when the honeymoon is suddenly over.
Then the word "married" is defined as living together as husband and wife; joined in matrimony, wedlock; closely or intimately joined; connubial, conjugal.
How much of her available time bends backward into the knot of their jointed lives, those twenty connubial years?
With a few deft turns of the scalpel [the doctor] changed her into a normal young woman, [and] enabled her to marry and find perfect connubial life.
At this connubial quest nadir, I read the advertisement in the paper.
Paul's succession law announced that connubial love was a trait to be honored and displayed by the imperial family, following the example of German states that had begun to elevate the monarch as a model of bourgeois family devotion and rectitude, a model that Nicholas I would embrace and promote.
Rosa believes it would be for this wife and their connubial life in the North that Quentin might be motivated to publish her story in a magazine.
For the first couple of years Oscar and Constance's connubial life seems to have run smoothly.