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All had green waists, representing the Emerald City they intended to conquer, and the top button on each waist indicated by its color which country the wearer came from.
We march to conquer the Emerald City -- to dethrone the Scarecrow King -- to acquire thousands of gorgeous gems -- to rifle the royal treasury -- and to obtain power over our former oppressors
cried Jinjur, stamping her foot, impatiently; "and we mean to conquer the Emerald City
Don't you know it's a dangerous thing to conquer a city?
You want to conquer the Emerald City, and I'm the only Nome in all your dominions who can conquer it.
There are a good many evil creatures who have magic powers sufficient to destroy and conquer the Land of Oz.
Yet, for this reason, because of the death of Macropha, my mother, and Nada, the sister who was dear to me, I will make war upon these Halakazi and conquer them, or be conquered by them.
Thrice Dingaan looked on me with a terrible face, and yet there was fear in his face striving with its rage, and I waited calmly to see which would conquer, the fear or the rage.
We are thrilled that the Conquer All Conditions campaign earned Nissan the 2017 Brand of the Year award," said Steve Rhind, director of marketing, Nissan Canada Inc.
Otaiba was originally responding to a suggestion from Abrams that Jordan should conquer Qatar.
Recently, Singh also released her first book, 'How To Be A Bawse,' her personal guide on how to conquer life and how she achieved success and happiness.
Because once you conquer these scary sitches, you may just be rewarded with a treat yummier than a giant stash of candy corn.