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Tere struggles with her culturally-constructed role as "dutiful daughter," a role with which she is uncomfortable, and her relationship with Lucio marks her as a conquerable, sexually dominated "puta"; these roles that Tete is expected to fulfill are non-existent in her friendship with Irma, the friendship granting Tere an outlet in which to release her feelings of confinement and disillusionment.
But when he returned to Baghdad, he did not urge the caliph to invade and dominate those rich and seemingly conquerable peoples.
Continuing on with the "survivance" theme, memories at the HBNMP emancipate the Red Sticks from the identity trait that they were savage and, thus, conquerable as weaker enemies.
If you can relate to this, do not give up on finding a practitioner or friend that you can trust to share your experiences with, since this is not a problem that is conquerable alone.
It can also create a feeling that the market is easy to assess, as well as easily conquerable by transplanting business techniques and products that work elsewhere in the world.
All the grand sources, in short, of human suffering are in a great degree, many of them almost entirely, conquerable by human care and effort; and though their removal is grievously slow--though a long succession of generations will perish in the breach before the conquest is completed, and this world becomes all that, if will and knowledge were not wanting, it might easily be made--yet every mind sufficiently intelligent and generous to bear a part, however small and inconspicuous, in the endeavour will draw a noble enjoyment from the contest itself, which he would not for any bribe in the form of selfish indulgence consent to be without.
It was characterized by despotism and resistance to progress; and since the Orient's value was judged in terms of, and in comparison to the West, it was always the "Other", the conquerable and the inferior.
Here, Surridge suggests, we are invited to police the private with Holmes and to see the non-normative as conquerable.
Suddenly, we will look toward distant galaxies not merely as unreachable collections of stars but as truly conquerable frontiers.
Thus the Americas become the autoreflexive, irreducible object of European desire that, while materially conquerable, are never entirely known.