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Conquering the surrounding city-states, Hammurabi creates the first kingdom of Babylonia.
As authors of a large Andean empire, the Incas were a conquering elite.
Birth date uncertain, but came to the throne in 1113; led an invasion of both Champa (ancient kingdom south of Annam) and Annam (1130-1132), but despite some support from Champa was unable to conquer Annam, and withdrew from both countries (1132); undeterred, he undertook campaigns westward, gradually conquering the small Tai states as far as the Burmese Hills (1030s, 1040s); launched a second invasion of Champa (1145) and was more successful, conquering the entire country; unfortunately, he and his forces were driven out by a popular rebellion (1148-1149); died soon after (1150).
Like Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan led thousands of warriors into one battle after another, conquering lands and peoples far beyond his homeland.
His conquering lords illustrate quite exactly that transformation Duby described in The Early Growth of the European Economy, from the rather brutal mentality of tribal warriors - "plunder-and-distribute" - to the more systematic approach of exploit-and-spend.
Muslim armies begin conquering areas of the old Byzantine and Persian empires.