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In Conquering Your Workplace: From Mail Room To Board Room, career counselor, job consultant, and life coach Dilip G.
Since then, he has sustained numerous broken limbs and, in some cases, has had to return to a mountain several times before conquering it.
* that Alexander changed the world by conquering Mediterranean Europe and Asia, laying the groundwork for the spread of the Roman Empire and Christianity.
In Conquering Complexity in Your Business: How Wal-Mart, Toyota, and Other Top Companies Are Breaking Through the Ceiling on Profits and Growth, co-authors Michael L.
And the only person one can "morally" dream of conquering is the oppressive conqueror.
Abstract: David Taylor, "Conquering the British Ballarat: The Policing of Victorian Middlesbrough"
Assessing the cost of the siege, which was to be a step toward conquering Italy, the Turkish commander exclaimed: "If so small a son has cost us so dear, what shall we pay for the father?"
Seattle jazz singer Greta Matassa and a male vocal quartet sang in the world premiere of Donald Byrd's The Seven Deadly Sins, Pete Seeger's recorded songs backed the PNB premiere of Lynne Taylor-Corbett's Ballad of You and Me, and the Seattle Choral Company performed in Co-Artistic Director Kent Stowell's Hail to the Conquering Hero.
MOTHER of triplets Ann Daniels arrived home yesterday from conquering the North Pole and said: "It's absolutely wonderful to be back."
He has a way of conquering people whom he knows need to be conquered."
CEOs of fledgling websites are prone to brag, "we are conquering the world" rather than "we will conquer the world."