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That portion of the band who had followed the huge warrior took the route toward the foot of the Horican, and no other expectation was left for himself and companions, than that they were to be retained as hopeless captives by their savage conquerors.
Notwithstanding this apparent adherence in Magua to the original determination of his conquerors, Heyward could not believe his tempting bait was so soon forgotten; and he knew the windings of an Indian's path too well to suppose that its apparent course led directly to its object, when artifice was at all necessary.
When these things are remembered no one will marvel at the ease with which Alexander held the Empire of Asia, or at the difficulties which others have had to keep an acquisition, such as Pyrrhus and many more; this is not occasioned by the little or abundance of ability in the conqueror, but by the want of uniformity in the subject state.
But Monk, free and without uneasiness, marched towards London as a conqueror, augmenting his army with all the floating parties on his way.
To extricate himself from the stirrups and fallen steed, was to the Templar scarce the work of a moment; and, stung with madness, both at his disgrace and at the acclamations with which it was hailed by the spectators, he drew his sword and waved it in defiance of his conqueror.
Without alighting from his horse, the conqueror called for a bowl of wine, and opening the beaver, or lower part of his helmet, announced that he quaffed it, ``To all true English hearts, and to the confusion of foreign tyrants.
Thing is, Ports (above) and More Than Conquerors are also onstage in the city this evening, which is pretty annoying, really, given my inability to be in three places at once.
It should be noted for parents, teachers, and school counselors that there is a companion title: "Leon's Share Question & Answer Activity Book: The Young Conquerors Series Book" (9780988655317, $9.
The Blues recorded their The Blues recorded their biggest-ever win in the biggest-ever win in the tournament over Celtic's tournament over Celtic's conquerors Maribor.
Summary: The reigning European champions have been paired with Carlo Ancelotti's side, as Jose Mourinho's men meet the conquerors of Barcelona from the last round.
BAYERN did the double over Basle last season and Man City's conquerors are 1-7 to go through.
As well as and as clinically as Riyadi performed, Al-Alhi have been hospitable opponents in this year's competition with Riyadi's conquerors Jalaa winning 101-51 Monday while