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Cela dit, l'argument des couts biologiques des rapports consanguins me parait fragile pour une raison toute simple: le depart des femelles dans les groupes a philopatrie male ou le depart des males dans les groupes a philopatrie femelle laisse entier le principal probleme des relations consanguines entre apparentes directs: dans ceux-ci, ce sont le pere et ses filles qui restent en contact toute leur vie; dans ceux-la, ce sont la mere et ses fils qui restent en contact toute leur vie.
Citing a study titled aACAyPremature reduced ovarian reserve in daughters of consanguine unions', of which he is the lead author, he said, the second generation of consanguine parents has a significantly reduced ovarian reserve.
Shortley is forced, through the binary logic of Jim Crow, to view them as consanguine whites leagued against a black "other.
Patterns of settlement are based on a political and territorial division of consanguine groups, resulting in the appropriation of distinct micro- ecosystems, which means access to food resources.
Research has highlighted multiple factors that contribute to women's vulnerability to contracting HIV/AIDS: concurrent partnering, absence of male circumcision, poverty, the low status of women, lack of condom use, prevalence of untreated STIs (sexually transmitted infections), early sexual initiation and certain cultural practices, such as widow inheritance (forced consanguine marriage to an infected man or woman) and the preference for male children, among other things.
The Muslim tendency for consanguine marriage suggests at the very least a subconscious effort to maintain their genetic as well as their religious distance from non-Muslims (Bundey et al.
One of the factors forming negative changes in heredity of generations, are consanguine couples among their ancestors, when there is inbreeding depression of identical genes inherited from the general ancestors.
Toi, ma fille et ma mere, ma consanguine : ma blessure renouvelee (ainsi les mots ne mentent jamais)" (Djebar 157).
The Consanguine Family is the first stage of the family, in this stage family groups are supported according to generation.
one another furrowed their consanguine, averted faces.