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The present study has been conducted to identify the causative variant in a large consanguineous Kashmiri family showing early onset typical arRP to explore Kashmiri population against this sever retinal disorder.
Consanguineous marriage is important because dyshormogenesis may be inherited autosomal recessively (24).
Study shows that there was statistically significant association observed between the maternal age, residence, literacy level, socioeconomic status, age at marriage, type of work, consanguineous marriage; and no significant association was observed with type of family, transport facilities, and pregnancy outcome.
Furthermore, as presented above, consanguineous marriages within families that carry familial translocations can result in formation of homozygotes for Robertsonian translocations.
Muscat: Consanguineous marriages - union between two individuals who are related as second cousins or closer - could be the major reason for hearing loss among many hearing impaired people in the Sultanate, health experts and the association of the hearing impaired said.
Consanguineous marriages, cousin marriage & pregnancy outcomes, miscarriages, sociological indicators, consanguinity in South Asia
However, he ruled out the prevalence of consanguineous marriages in Bahrain contributing to this condition.
According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute (TSI), the Aegean and Marmara regions have the lowest rates of consanguineous marriage.
Although the majority of the cases reported in the literature were born to consanguineous parents, LP has also been seen in siblings born to non-consanguineous parents (6).
There is a huge need for foetal medicine in the country because of the high rate of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities caused by consanguineous marriages.