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They said that in Pakistan, the frequency was expected to be higher due to consanguineous marriages in many communities.
According to the findings of this study, factors such as gender, age, number of children in the family, consanguineous marriage, parental education level, household income, and history of breast feeding were found to affect early childhood development, whereas immigration status and delivery mode did not have a significant effect on the developmental parameters.
Consanguineous and endogamous unions are the marital choice the most practiced in the Arab-Muslim world and Chaouis from Khenchela don't make the exception.
The last case studied which bridges the way of intercousin marriages was the belief of a group which in turn associated with consanguineous marriages.
This rare disease is more common in the communities with limited genes due to consanguineous marriage.
This rare disease is more common at the communities with limited genes due to consanguineous marriage.
The reason this is relevant for Qatar is that the structure of the society encourages a high degree of consanguineous marriage, so the frequency of these monogenic diseases is quite high.
RIYADH: ABDUL HANNAN TAGOSaudi Arabia has the largest cystic fibrosis population in the Gulf due to consanguineous marriages.
In a consanguineous Indian Muslim family, two children had HbH disease.
There is the unfortunate Lenin Angrush, tortured by consanguineous love for Miriam, obsessed with the project of getting his new baseball team, The Proletarians, into the new Shea stadium: "Urban Socialistic baseball would rise to demolish the monopoly teams.
We travel a lot around the country, and facts of consanguineous marriages are rather frequent.