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TWO conscience-stricken burglars who returned their victim's stolen property minutes after they took it have been spared jail.
CHILLING and tense thriller, starring Barry Jones as a conscience-stricken scientist who steals a nuclear bomb and threatens to destroy London unless further research into atomic fission is stopped at once.
An ex-World Banker now teaching at New York University, he recalls how, in 2005, conscience-stricken executives attending the World Economic Forum at Davos in the Swiss Alps contributed $1 million on the spot to buy bed nets for poor people in Africa.
org) might convince some conscience-stricken environmentalists that there are better things they could be doing for the planet's biodiversity--lots of things, and far better ones--than, say, belabouring a harmless and sustainable seal hunt in Newfoundland.
Wardle denied strangling with intent to commit a sex offence, but admitted assault causing bodily harm and perverting justice by sending the fake confession - purporting to be a conscience-stricken burglar days after the attack.
Even more unhappy and conscience-stricken was his fellow ascetic, Dominic, who performed feats of self-inflicted abuse that were the envy of the most dedicated self-flagellants, Peter included.
The conscience-stricken stars should plough some of their millions into improving life for the families living there instead of parachuting in with a golden ticket for just one child.
But the state's responsibility is not to assure convenient employment for the conscience-stricken.
Clarence's agonized, conscience-stricken reflection upon his dream was cut short, as was his urgent debate with the men sent to murder him.
Treasury by an anonymous, conscience-stricken veteran who had stolen a loaf of bread during the Civil War.
Michael Frayn--doggedly and incurably conscience-stricken bleeding-heart liberal; funniest when staying off politics altogether.
A conscience-stricken physician is compelled to immediately seek out a "hit man.