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Some praises proceed merely of flattery; and if he be an ordinary flatterer, he will have certain common attributes, which may serve every man; if he be a cunning flatterer, he will follow the archflatterer, which is a man's self; and wherein a man thinketh best of himself, therein the flatterer will uphold him most: but if he be an impudent flatterer, look wherein a man is conscious to himself, that he is most defective, and is most out of countenance in himself, that will the flatterer entitle him to perforce, spreta conscientia.
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Et sic aliquis errat in eligendo, et non in conscientia.
Both the Greek and Latin words for conscience (syneidesis and conscientia, respectively) refer to knowledge of oneself or an attempt to be true to one's own highest ideals--or to the better angels of one's nature, to use Abraham Lincoln's phrase.
Requiritur enim quod sit homo, viator, fidelis, adultus, mente preditus, ieiunus deuotus, sine conscientia peccati mortalis, crimine non notatus, corpore mundus, apparitione miraculosa non prohibitus, a ministro ydoneo tempore debito, intentione recta.
Par son reuvre, nous pensons que Musinde, en tant que recteur honoraire de l'Universite de Lubumbashi, a rendu hommage, en l'illustrant, a la devise de son alma mater, scientia splendet et conscientia.
38) <<Lex iusta praeceptum iustum superioris laici vel ecclesiastici ligat in foro conscientia, sed ad metas solum rationis seu causae finalis quae praetenditur>> (Adriano de Utrecht.
1343 (<<pro sua conscientia et prudentia>>), 1344, 1608 [seccion] 3.
IHS Inc (NYSE:IHS), a provider of information, insight and analytics, stated on Tuesday that an existing stockholder, Conscientia Investment Limited, has priced a secondary public offering of 3,478,261 shares of IHS's class A common stock at USD116.