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We divided up the treasure in a conscionable manner and went home.
At its most basic level, Citizen Eco-Drive is a conscionable and stylish accessory that relies on the renewable energy of light.
Since unconscionability is a harder test, many agreements that are unfair will still be considered conscionable (46).
Humiliation is an unintended consequence of this process, designed with the best of intentions by a bureaucracy trying to distribute limited public funds in an equitable and conscionable manner.
Representatives are no longer conscionable to vote on their own.
If you have people that are committing violent crimes in our community, I don't think it is conscionable for us or the state government to say we're going to let those people roam around the streets because we don't have enough space,'' Gascon said.
The new Verso edition of Panegyric at least avoids the latter, less conscionable of these pitfalls.
It has no sense of itself, of life, of death, of fear, of happiness or any other emotion which is why many of us believe that abortion is conscionable.
When the Lilly drug company heiress left her money to Poetry magazine, my mother, like many other Americans I'm sure, felt that it would have been more conscionable for the money to have been given back to all the people who were overcharged for their drugs.
Ligon felt that some blacks are "as morally honest, as conscionable, as humble, as loving to their friends, and as loyal to their masters, as any that live under the sun.
When we know that any program we begin is probably destined to last indefinitely, there is little conscionable space for experimentation or error, for fear of propagating a poor result.