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Besides ways of being conscious there are other things that would ordinarily be called "mental," such as desire and pleasure and pain.
I didn't think that," she replied, conscious of some bewilderment.
It was a mood that took such clear-eyed account of the conditions of human life that he was not disturbed in the least by the gliding presence of a taxicab, and without agitation he perceived that Katharine was conscious of it also, and turned her head in that direction.
He was now conscious of the loss that follows any revelation; he had lost something in speaking to Katharine, for, after all, was the Katharine whom he loved the same as the real Katharine?
She rebelled, as it were, against a certain magnetic element in the artist's nature, which he exercised towards her, possibly without being conscious of it.
But soon, her senses being very acute, she became conscious of an irregular respiration in an obscure corner of the room.
At some uncertain period in the depths of night, and, as it were, through the thin veil of a dream, she was conscious of a footstep mounting the stairs heavily, but not with force and decision.
Will was conscious that he should not have been at Middlemarch but for Dorothea; and yet his position there was threatening to divide him from her with those barriers of habitual sentiment which are more fatal to the persistence of mutual interest than all the distance between Rome and Britain.
When one sees a perfect woman, one never thinks of her attributes--one is conscious of her presence.
Instead, I argue that those things can be completely understood in terms of behaviour, and that conscious awareness, from which a specific conscious experience results, can be readily constructed out of unconscious neural process by considering behaviour alone.
In an interview to the Wall Street Journal , Modi blamed the growing levels of malnutrition in Gujarat to figure- conscious young girls.
Most anemic women are tribals, and tell me from where are they beauty conscious," Modhwadia asked.