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On the removal of the tea things I had blown out the candles and drawn my chair closer: I was conscious of a mortal coldness and felt as if I should never again be warm.
Elinor had met his eye, and looked conscious likewise.
I doubt if she has yet realized this in her own mind; but I see the result, although she is not conscious of it herself.
A village is an organism, conscious of its several parts, as a town is not.
And with my words there crept above the threshold of my conscious mind a series of nine long forgotten sounds.
For as there are persons who, by conscious art or mere habit, imitate and represent various objects through the medium of colour and form, or again by the voice; so in the arts above mentioned, taken as a whole, the imitation is produced by rhythm, language, or 'harmony,' either singly or combined.
Why, the whole point, the real sting of it lay in the fact that continually, even in the moment of the acutest spleen, I was inwardly conscious with shame that I was not only not a spiteful but not even an embittered man, that I was simply scaring sparrows at random and amusing myself by it.
Even in the moments when she was most thoroughly conscious of his superiority to her other admirers, she had never brought herself to think of accepting him.
Human beings--human children especially--seldom deny themselves the pleasure of exercising a power which they are conscious of possessing, even though that power consist only in a capacity to make others wretched; a pupil whose sensations are duller than those of his instructor, while his nerves are tougher and his bodily strength perhaps greater, has an immense advantage over that instructor, and he will generally use it relentlessly, because the very young, very healthy, very thoughtless, know neither how to sympathize nor how to spare.
Oh, I am not conscious of it, believe me, I am not conscious of it.
the lake A conscious slumber seems to take, And would not, for the world, awake.
Then he became conscious that somehow--how, he never could remember--the chest was open.