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It is, he says, "consciously subverting the democratic process and the will of the people"!
Do we say: Let us first think of the air which surrounds us and then breathe?' Willingly, unwillingly, consciously, unconsciously, we breathe and go on breathing.
Anticipating this objection, Graff challenges the bias against critical theory (poststructuralism, deconstructionism, etc.): "Studying literature is never a matter of |just' reading great texts but always involves a choice of critical vocabularies and theories," whether consciously held or not.
Despite all this, unlike Gwynnie and Chris, but mostly because we haven't got mansions in LA, Malibu and The Hamptons, we will probably stay consciously coupled.
Often, the sculptures' bases or supports--their rough seams deliberately exposed and sawhorse forms consciously repeated--are integral to their effect.
Aiming to demystify the working of local bureaucracy and encourage public access, the form of the building is consciously anti-monumental, a loose agglomeration of circular and cylindrical volumes, clustered around a central roughly circular patio courtyard.
During half of each person's trials, the tactors vibrated at intensities too low to be consciously felt.
Niece to Sir Philip Sidney and the Countess of Pembroke, and daughter to Sir Robert Sidney of Penshurst, she consciously constructed herself as heir to the formidable Sidney literary legacy, taking over and revising their Elizabethan genres to the purposes of a female speaker and the cultural practices of the new Jacobean era.
He shows how that crisp unburdened language was carefully and consciously shorn of any attempt to call up associations or the preferences of taste.
By focusing on this unintentional reading, the researchers avoided triggering contrasting brain responses displayed by beginning and accomplished readers as they consciously decipher words.
And a few consciously strive for the edge between town and city--with an elegant literalness in IaN's greening of a working class Roman suburb, or the metaphorical depth which Chora's Raoul Bunschoten finds in the analogy between the skin of the earth, and the urban surface.
A mild finger shock occurred 2 1/2 seconds after the appearance of each consciously discernable face.