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Considerable inspiration for this approach comes from the work of psychologist William James, who in 1890 contrasted the automatic nature of numerous habitual behaviors--driving a car, to use a modern example--with the consciously controlled use of reason.
He demonstrated that facial expressions consciously produced by actors are associated with specific heart rate changes (SN: 10/17/83, p.
And these memories must be activated, or "brought into the conscious mind,' he adds, "in order for us to consciously experience visual recognition.
They investigate the universal laws and interrelations of aspects connected with consciously formed texts under consciously imposed form restrictions, concentrate on a small number of methods used in the study of poetic texts, and apply them to some already quantified textual properties--poems.
GWYNETH Paltrow looks in great shape as she consciously couples a black bikini with some dark glasses on a beach trip.
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are consciously coupling again.
Washington, Aug 6 ( ANI ): A new study has revealed that human brains have the capability to judge the trustworthiness of a face even when we cannot consciously see it.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Our brains are able to judge the trustworthiness of a face even when we cannot consciously see it, a team of scientists has found.
Dubai: In Shan Fazelbhoy's household her two daughters were not consciously taught about respect for their parents and their elders, it was more of an example set for them to follow.
We are not always consciously "rational" in our actions, but often are consciously rationalizing behavior to ourselves and others that was primed and enacted subconsciously.
Values are transmitted by nursing educators and institutions not only consciously in the nursing curriculum, but also unconsciously in the hidden curriculum.
Casting against type is making a statement, whether consciously or not.