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There was another side of her, too, of which he was consciously ignorant.
In the half-light he looked about at the stalls and boxes and smiled a little consciously, recalling with amusement Sir Harry's judicial frown.
Then, controlling myself, I moved forward, smiling and consciously beautiful, to offer myself to his arms, to comfort him with endearments, and, with my son's hand in mine, to speak words that should restore the broken bonds between the living and the dead.
For the first time in my life I consciously, deliberately, desired to get drunk.
he strains after beauty, he peoples Nature with gods too consciously.
Still less could Levin say that he was a knave, as Sviazhsky was unmistakably an honest, good-hearted, sensible man, who worked good-humoredly, keenly, and perseveringly at his work; he was held in high honor by everyone about him, and certainly he had never consciously done, and was indeed incapable of doing, anything base.
Instinctively, and consciously, too, she had made toward delicacy, and shunned the perils of the habitual and commonplace.
Personally, I felt the book, consciously or not, was advocating the philosophy of the Jews for Jesus movement.
The Bible speaks of the same scenario where individuals will consciously reject the truth for a lie (2 Thessalonians 2:10-11).
As it is explained by one of the characters, "The Extreme Leader consciously and intentionally cultivates love in order to generate boundless energy and inspire courageous audacity.
This guy was proofreading, solving math problems and consciously making a decision to become a vegetarian .
Inspired by a 1953 article arguing that eighteenth century literature was (self) consciously analogical, the intention seems to be to locate the alleged transition from analogical thinking in the second half of the seventeenth century.