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I will argue that we should not view characters' consciousnesses as "things in the text.
Related to animism are other notions of supernatural consciousnesses, spirits, nymphs, gods, and other conceptions of the divine including those that appear in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and the rest of the organized religions.
In proposing this, I don't mean to suggest that there exist some supernatural, death-defying connections between consciousnesses which could somehow preserve elements of memory or personality.
A walking synecdoche for his neighborhood's dialogic assimilation of a plurality of cultural signifiers, Mookie himself in the course of the film becomes what Bakhtin calls an "internally dialogic" character (Problems 32), containing, as it were, an entire "sociology of consciousnesses," a cacophony of autonomous, irreconcilable significations in conflict, each reflecting the persistence of "double-consciousness": Sal/Buggin Out, Pino/Vito, Da Mayor/Mother Sister, Jade/Tina, "whiteness"/"blackness," "King"/"X," cool/heat, "LOVE"/"HATE," "right thing"/wrong thing.
In "Cafe," Hughes set forth the complex rhythm of multiple consciousnesses and oppressions to illuminate our moral dilemmas.