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The conscripts of the 1st Infantry Brigade will undergo their basic soldier training at the bases of Johvi and Paldiski.
The lady phoned her fiancee; the conscript, who came and got into fight with the judge.
The conscript then fled carrying a firearm, ammunition and a grenade and exchanged gunfire with troops.
Families of 36 conscripts who died during their military service submitted complaints that the deaths of their relatives were suspicious.
South Korean military conscripts may have dreamed of defending the homeland but in Les Miserables their life is one of snow shovelling and thwarted love.
By 1950, at the outbreak of the Korean War, conscripts were required to serve two years.
12) The dismal state of the conscript force is probably the only thing that NGOs such as SMSP and the officers in charge of conscripts agree on.
Hard-pressed to find enough food or to ward off brutal beatings from their fellow soldiers, conscripts resorted to selling weapons and ammunition to the Chechens whom they were fighting.
When conscript officers catch him, his wife pleads that she and her son will starve without his presence.
In principle, if the federal government can conscript every citizen at 18 for a term of one to two years, it could expand that term of service at its discretion, for purposes of its choosing.
A conscript is a person liable to service in the Defence Forces who is called up to perform the conscript service obligation.
Because so many soldiers in the all-volunteer military are married with families (compared to conscript armies), and because soldiers must periodically be induced or persuaded to voluntarily reenlist, the Pentagon must rotate its forces in and out of theater every 12 months or so in order to maintain morale and reenlistment.