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This was the first time women had been conscripted," added Mr Jones.
Men conscripted into the coal mines, the so-called Bevin Boys, or those who chose to become a miner instead of serving in the Armed Forces, have been recognised with the Bevin Boys Badge.
More than 48,000 men were conscripted to work in pits between 1940 and 1945.
Many suffered abuse from people who thought they had chosen not to fight when in fact they were conscripted to the coal mines because of a lottery at Whitehall.
About how many fewer draftees were conscripted in 1946 than in 19447
Millions of American men were conscripted into the military to fight under the direction of the "United Nations" (as the Allies were known in WWII, prior to the organization of the same name).
The armed forces show a distinct lack of interest in a new draft (an inconvenience Moskos chalks up to institutional rigidity), and arguably have reached a state of professional specialization that renders conscripted legions unnecessary or problematic.
CONSCRIPTED into the German army during the last weeks of the war, teenager Helmut Altner was to see some of the most ferocious fighting of the Second World War as the Third Reich battled to save its capital city and its very own existence.
Lee Heeman's brother, who was 18 or 19 at the time, was conscripted to defend the South as was Lee Bum Euk, who went into combat with no training.
The Supreme Court decided Friday to reject an appeal demanding the Japanese government apologize and compensate a group of Koreans who were conscripted into the Japanese military and jailed as war criminals after World War II.