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Kim harassed conscripted policemen by showing indecent videos.
This was the first time women had been conscripted," added Mr Jones.
Men conscripted into the coal mines, the so-called Bevin Boys, or those who chose to become a miner instead of serving in the Armed Forces, have been recognised with the Bevin Boys Badge.
More than 48,000 men were conscripted to work in pits between 1940 and 1945.
The War Office didn't discriminate between regular and conscripted servicemen and women.
Many suffered abuse from people who thought they had chosen not to fight when in fact they were conscripted to the coal mines because of a lottery at Whitehall.
About how many fewer draftees were conscripted in 1946 than in 19447
Millions of American men were conscripted into the military to fight under the direction of the "United Nations" (as the Allies were known in WWII, prior to the organization of the same name).
Second, Pentagon leaders replaced the conscripted military with an all-volunteer force that would recruit enlistees with pay and benefits like the civilian world.
Keene addresses three central themes: the ways in which conscripted citizen soldiers influenced army life and military practice during World War I, the ways in which veterans sought to influence public policies in the two decades after the Armistice, and the relationship of the doughboys' quest for veterans' benefits to the Servicemen's Readjustment Act (the GI Bill) of 1944.
Many Korean families still don't know the fate of relatives conscripted to fight on either side of the conflict.