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The first question is: How could Hannah consecrate a yet unborn male child as a Nazirite?
SB 1305 was widely seen as an under-the-radar attempt to give support to Episcopal churches that are unhappy with a decision by the national leadership of that denomination to consecrate an openly gay bishop.
But in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate - we cannot consecrate we cannot hallow - this ground.
The landmark Woolworth Building will consecrate its top 27 stories as condominium apartments with -- the crowning glory -- a five-level penthouse constructed within its Gothic spire.
It would, in effect, consecrate the objectives and effects of the coup d'etat.
I will support the proposal to convert a share of the Tunisian debts into social-economic development projects to the Belgian government," he said, pointing out the need for Tunisia to preserve stability of the State and civil peace, and consecrate freedoms, in compliance with the provisions of the new Constitution.