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I propose to consecrate this little retreat, by having a ceremony in which I take a great interest, performed there.
The new convention consecrates the equality of rights between the nationals of hosting countries whether for Tunisians residing in Belgium or the Belgians living in Tunisia.
During a simple ceremony, the woman, often dressed in a white bridal gown, declares her resolve to follow Christ in "perfect chastity" in the presence of her local bishop who then consecrates her dedication.
They settled on Christ's very own words that the priest repeats in the middle of the Eucharistic Prayer, and these words came to be called "the consecration" Today we are aware that the whole Eucharistic Prayer consecrates the gifts.
London -- In April, an Anglican group declared that its members will leave the Church of England if it consecrates women bishops -- as it is expected to do within the next few years.
Any attempt to desecrate it by burning or otherwise defiling it, in fact, consecrates it.