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Rather, this article evaluates historical and current ceremonies for Cistercian and Carthusian nuns in comparison with known diaconal ordination ceremonies in an effort to recover some of the lost tradition of women deacons, distinguishing between and among monastic profession, diaconal ordination, and consecration of a virgin, which latter brings women into the order of virgins.
The photography of the schismatic Consecration in Kenya clearly shows Bishop Harvey as part of the circle at the imposition of hands--not staying passively in his place.
The Diptagama is often designated as a pratistha-tantra (a treatise on ritual consecration), and it is a well-organized text primarily devoted to the construction of temple structures, the fabrication of liturgical icons, and the rites of consecration by which these are sanctified or enlivened.
The 1982 and 1984 consecrations were "of the world.
The precedent for secret consecrations and ordinations had been set in Mexico in the 1920s as a result of the virulent persecution of Catholicism during the revolution.
C'est un grand club et j'espere continuer sur cette lancee et contribuer encore a d'autres consecrations.
While several popes have undertaken consecrations of the world since the request was made public (including Pope John Paul II in 1982 and 1984), none of these have fulfilled the specific requirements of Our Lord and Our Lady's requests.
Idem pour les consecrations puisque les Elephants, sous la houlette du trio Serge Magui-Abdullay Traore-JoE1/2l Tiehi, ont brandi une seule fois le trophee en 1992 au Senegal.
Archbishop Datuk Yong Ping Chung of South East Asia and Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, Bishops John Rucyahana and Venuste Mutiganda of Rwanda were joined by retired ECUSA bishops Alex Dickson of West Tennessee and FitzSimons Allison of South Carolina in the Denver consecrations.
He wrote that the involvement of primates from other parts of the Anglican Communion in the consecrations of bishops for the Anglican Mission in America "has political implications that go well beyond the church, and it is important to understand how Anglican evangelical networks overlap with political and social policy objectives in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere.
John Stott, recently spoke in Canada on Christianity and tradition and commented upon the irregular consecrations of two American bishops.
In response, the Portugal communique said the primates were "grateful for [the] clear and decisive response" of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the consecrations in Singapore.