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Rather, this article evaluates historical and current ceremonies for Cistercian and Carthusian nuns in comparison with known diaconal ordination ceremonies in an effort to recover some of the lost tradition of women deacons, distinguishing between and among monastic profession, diaconal ordination, and consecration of a virgin, which latter brings women into the order of virgins.
In Tibet, consecrations were held to have been conducted as early as 7th century during the time of King Songtsen Gampo (1617-1650).
With regard to Archbishop John Clarke's assertion that ex-bishop of the Anglican Church of Canada Donald Harvey "did no episcopal act" in the "irregular consecrations of bishops abroad"--I ask: what then was he doing?
Pratisthd is the ritual process by which a material object or representation is transformed into a divine support or embodiment, and the Diptagama contains a particularly rich account of the Saiva procedures for such consecrations. The text begins with the establishment of the central Siva-liriga and its pedestal, which will serve as the central object of worship in any Saiva place of worship.
The 1982 and 1984 consecrations were "of the world." Russia, which Our Lady specially asked for, was not mentioned.
The precedent for secret consecrations and ordinations had been set in Mexico in the 1920s as a result of the virulent persecution of Catholicism during the revolution.
Archbishop Datuk Yong Ping Chung of South East Asia and Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini, Bishops John Rucyahana and Venuste Mutiganda of Rwanda were joined by retired ECUSA bishops Alex Dickson of West Tennessee and FitzSimons Allison of South Carolina in the Denver consecrations.
He wrote that the involvement of primates from other parts of the Anglican Communion in the consecrations of bishops for the Anglican Mission in America "has political implications that go well beyond the church, and it is important to understand how Anglican evangelical networks overlap with political and social policy objectives in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere."
John Stott, recently spoke in Canada on Christianity and tradition and commented upon the irregular consecrations of two American bishops.
In response, the Portugal communique said the primates were "grateful for [the] clear and decisive response" of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the consecrations in Singapore.
The consecrations provoked outrage in Anglican churches in many countries and were a clear signal that the battle between progressive and conservative Anglicans was becoming even more bitter.
The consecrations of two conservative American priests in Singapore -- for service in the United States -- have been criticized by liberal and conservative Anglicans worldwide, including Canada's primate, as everything from "desperate" to "an act of schism."