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The <<pro multis>> Consecratory Formula: Biblical and Dogmatic Perspective
This verbal consecratory ability, first instituted by Jesus and continued through priests, sharply contrasts with the Jews' own mock consecration.
The consecratory prayer from the seventh-century Gelasian Sacramentary (reaffirmed as prayer A in the 1970 Pontifical) states: "And so, Father, we ask you to bless this oil you have created.
More specifically, in cases of doubt regarding dharma [what is authoritative] is the mental satisfaction in a single choice (paksa) by those whose selves are imbued with the Vedic consecratory rites.
But its formidable yearly exhibitions--previous subjects have been Dieter Roth, Jeff Wall, and the building's architects, Herzog & de Meuron--clearly indicate that this institution also seeks a consecratory role a la Dia.
Thus Eric Benoit, in his fine analysis of the aesthetics and metaphysics of the "Livre," factors in the importance of the Book's public readings, but still refuses the specific consecratory virtue of reading aloud for Mallarme, rejecting in particular the importance of Un coup de des's musical dimensions and the notion that it purposefully invites a sense-perceived reading performance (i.
Women enter an early marriage as part of their consecratory act, while males are asked to give money, land, or other properties.