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The examples are streamlined, often with only one or two examples of a particular consecution, even though several more are listed.
Everything suggests, indeed, that the mainspring of narrative is precisely the confusion of consecution and consequence, what comes after being read in narrative as what is caused by; in which case narrative would be a systematic application of the logical fallacy denounced by Scholasticism in the formula post hoc, ergo propter hoc--a good motto for Destiny, of which narrative all things considered is no more than the 'language' (3).
For that reason, no managerial technologies produced and disseminated in the enterprise field are promptly rejected; quite the contrary, all should be an object of analysis by the managers and other members of public organizations, according to a reducer managerial attitude, with the purpose of identifying potential elements that might contribute to the consecution of its institutional goals--the public interest in the last instance.
Without exigency (WE)--The coaches did not refer general motifs for task consecution either critical components for task consecution.
A given consecution of commutation of IGBT- transistors transistor transform DC voltage into AC voltage with variable frequency.
prosecution consecution (Combined by any good Prosecutor.
In that Bresson essay and "Godard's Vivre Sa Vie," Sontag resists consecution and development; she perforates her argument, as is her wont, into a number of disjunct parts; her start-and-stop rhythm thereby spatializes writing, condensing expression into a sequence of almost conceptual tableaux.
In terms of relationships between referents, the consecution relationship (used to describe the aforementioned steps from client to server) was more frequently used by subjects from condition 1: