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37] have presented a service combination framework for multi-cloud environments and three service composition algorithm presented to choose a cloud composition subject to not only finding feasible composition consecution but also containing a minimum number of clouds.
Singh quoted "We are delighted to be chosen as the Best Wedding Hotel in New Delhi for the second year in consecution.
mm], and lumped elements description has naturally been used toward the consecution of these expressions.
The examples are streamlined, often with only one or two examples of a particular consecution, even though several more are listed.
Such meanings, as Barthes (1977:94) summarises, is achieved largely through causality as a key component operating between consecution (temporality) and consequence (effect):
After the unadsorbed fraction had been eluted, the adsorbed protein was desorbed by using two consecution linear NaCl concentration gradients (0-0.
In order to be independent and not have to either merge or be acquired by another firm in the auxiliary sector has to be in a zone where the value of the lower limit is to be determined by low vehicle demand, which prompts a production overcapacity or glut, and an upper limit value that is determined by a high vehicle demand which causes firms to merge or be taken over for the consecution of economies of scale.
6- Consecution of Ja'afar bin Abi Talib school in the wilayat of Saham (RO.
Por la gran distancia al tercer nivel y los inconvenientes geograficos de la region se decide diferir remision hasta consecution de transporte aereo.
For that reason, no managerial technologies produced and disseminated in the enterprise field are promptly rejected; quite the contrary, all should be an object of analysis by the managers and other members of public organizations, according to a reducer managerial attitude, with the purpose of identifying potential elements that might contribute to the consecution of its institutional goals--the public interest in the last instance.
The construction of the idea of national interest, the public good that characterizes the emergence of the modern states and their consecution of the governmental and coercive monopoly (Dean, 1999; Foucault, 2007), evolved to include environmental protection (Gottlieb, 1993; Guha, 2000).
The political-economical force fulfils the information impact in the form of consecution of information messages in mass-media.