consecutive order

See: succession
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The 12 Doctors, in consecutive order, were: William Hartnell (1963), Patrick Troughton (1966), Jon Pertwee (1970), Tom Baker (1974), Peter Davison (1981), Colin Baker (1984), Sylvester McCoy (1987), Paul McGann (1996), Christopher Eccleston (2005), David Tennant (2005), Matt Smith (2010) and Peter Capaldi (2014).
The three exoplanets featured in the "Goldilocks zone" were named "E," "F" and "G," in consecutive order based on their distance to the dwarf star each orbits.
Constantly shuttling back and forth and re-telling the same events differently, many of the entries are repetitive and do not follow a consecutive order.
With regards to placing data in consecutive memory locations, you also need to access that data in consecutive order.
Students are encouraged to complete the sessions in consecutive order (i.
Reportedly, this third consecutive order has been placed through Precise Biometrics' partner Carhasoft.
Incidentally, the three lots are listed in consecutive order and are as follows:
Each chromosome of the karyotype was also assigned a specific number in consecutive order of its arrangement.
Reading cover to cover, in consecutive order, renders the full quality.
Scheduling similar parts in consecutive order can minimize both setup and changeover time.
These three essays that justify the volume's title are presented not in consecutive order but sprinkled throughout the collection.
In the card game poker a Straight is a group of five consecutive cards, not all of the same suit, and a Flush is five cards of the same suit, but not in a consecutive order.