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existing by CONSENT.
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CONSENSUAL, civil law. This word is applied to designate one species of contract known in the civil laws; these contracts derive their name from the consent of the parties which is required in their formation, as they cannot exist without such consent.
     2. The contract of sale, among the civilians, is an example of a consensual contract, because the moment there is an agreement between the seller and the buyer as to the thing and the price, the vendor and the purchaser have reciprocal actions On the contrary, on a loan, there is no action by the lender or borrower, although there may have been consent, until the thing is delivered or the money counted. This is a real contract in the sense of the civil law. Lec. El. Dr: Rom. Sec. 895; Poth. Ob. pt. 1, c. 1, s. 1, art. 2; 1 Bell's Com. (5th ed.) 435. Vide Contract.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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These concerns notwithstanding, Schippers's book contributes fresh insights and rich theorisation into the politics of consensually nonmonogamous intimacies and their problematization within a culture of mononormativity.
Sexting involving underage children should not be prosecuted if the images are shared consensually between two children of a similar age, the Crown Prosecution Service said.
proposals to boundaries are undemocratic, on an outof-of the register "Constitutional changes should be done fairly and consensually, to ensure that everyone given a voice.
The sixth suspect consensually joined the other suspects and incited the first suspect to commit the crime.
"We cannot know whether she lost her life by the hands of her partner or by consensually taking drugs."
He said that he believes in Freedom of Expression and Speech as enshrined in the Article 19 of the Constitution of Pakistan and would, therefore, prefer consultative approach to take along all stakeholders so that the impending challenges, regulatory / tariff issues etc could amicably be addressed consensually. At the same time, there would be no compromise on writ of the Authority.
forces have boarded several of the Iranian ships off Yemen's coast -- consensually, the Navy said - looking for weapons, but have not found.
And, as he confesses to his best friend, Eusebio, days before Guillermo's accidental death, a few days a week he is consensually humiliated by Marcia in the candlelight of her apartment.
However, is a piece of paper that is consensually "adopted" worth the paper it is written on?
Nonetheless, perhaps the chaotic state of the world (and, let's not forget the whole point of this, the dislocation, persecution and death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the world's trouble-spots) may finally oblige countries' leaders to rise above the dirty politics of selfish nationalistic deal-making and decide collectively, consensually, on what is right.
Online 'revenge' attacks are being made to tarnish reputations and cause emotional distress.Some websites even allow people to post explicit images of former partners, either obtained consensually or stolen from online accounts.Advances in technology, particularly smart phones with cameras, and the growth of social media has made it easier to film and distribute such material.
"For arbitration, when two parties or people consensually approach the Sharia court, it is lawful.

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