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Consensus Energy provides clients customized energy saving solutions based on strategic analysis of energy use, targeted equipment retrofits and modifications, tax strategies and equipment rebates.
Despite this, the expectations of developing a curriculum and standards and achieving broad-based stakeholder participation and consensus remained the same.
From effective communication will come a consensus of shared goals, integrating everyone into a successful corporate culture.
Welch has quoted two passages of my Creative Fidelity which he believes prove his contention that I have taken the universal and constant consensus of Catholic theologians to be not merely a criterion, but a condition for the infallible teaching of the ordinary universal magisterium.
The result of applying this consensus may change the period in which amounts normally referred to as reimbursements for cooperative advertising are recognized.
This consensus is shared by those living in the heartlands, statisticians, field workers and anyone free enough from the shackles of political dogma to have an independent opinion.
He was challenging the liberal consensus and preaching a brand of conservatism that was, at the time, about as popular as damning motherhood.
The Task Force reached a consensus that changes in valuation allowances due to changed expectations about the realization of deferred tax assets caused by transactions among or with shareholders should be included in the income statement.
Consensus these days appears central to both social theory and social ideals and also to cognitive processes and concepts of rationality.
The failure to achieve clinical consensus in health care has been highlighted by research in the areas of appropriateness and small area variations analysis.

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