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94-6 Accounting problem: Was the earlier consensus extended and additional consensuses reached for the buyout of compensatory stock options when they are repurchased by the issuing company?
Listed below are the EITF issues for which consensuses have been reached since the January 19, 1995, meeting (see JofA, Mar.
The application of EITF consensuses (category c of the GAAP hierarchy) effective after March 15, 1992, is mandatory under SAS no.
Incurred in a Restructuring) 94-5 Determination of What Consensuses reached
89-5 94-6 Accounting for the Buyout Consensuses reached
See EITF Abstracts for guidance on the effective date and transition rules for these consensuses and special disclosure requirements for SEC registrants.
Also follows the guidance in the consensuses above if the investor had cost-method investments in both the acquiree and acquiror before the business combination.
69, however, EITF consensuses represent category c guidance within established accounting principles.
69 has special transition requirements for implementing EITF consensuses within the new GAAP hierarchy.
The purpose of these provisions is to give accountants additional time to become familiar with EITF consensuses.
However, if initial application occurs after March 15, 1993, the entity must comply with all applicable consensuses regardless of issuance date.
The Securities and Exchange Commission Observer said registrants must retroactively apply these consensuses for all periods presented in financial statements filed with the SEC after the date the consensuses were reached.