consent to

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The conditions are, that I bring my father and you to consent to it, and without that she protests she will never see me more upon that head; and to these conditions, as I said, I suppose I shall never be able to grant.
if you had a much thought about making me easy as you have about making me rich, you would soon consent to it.
but you will easily imagine how impossible it would be to prevail on my father to consent to such a match; besides, he hath provided another for me; and to-morrow, by his express command, I am to wait on the lady.
I have not the honour to know your father," said Jones; "but, suppose he could be persuaded, would you yourself consent to the only means of preserving these poor people?
There's somebody else's consent to be got," he said, "besides Blanche's consent and mine.
He saw his mistress once before the destined ceremony; but she was bathed in tears, and throwing herself at his feet, entreated him to spare her, confessing at the same time that she loved another, but that he was poor, and that her father would never consent to the union.
He proposed the following terms, as the only terms on which he would consent to mix himself up with, what was (even in HIS line of business) a doubtful and dangerous transaction.
Morland says exactly the same," replied Isabella; "and yet I dare not expect it; my fortune will be so small; they never can consent to it.
There was at least this fruit from all her years of striving after the highest and best,--that her soul though betrayed, beguiled, ensnared, could never deliberately consent to a choice of the lower.
As for your reception at the Persian Court, it will be as warm as your merits deserve; and as for what concerns the King of Bengal, he must be much more indifferent to your welfare than you have led me to believe if he does not give his consent to our marriage.
Prince Andrew needed his father's consent to his marriage, and to obtain this he started for the country next day.
My first happy moment was when I won her consent to come and visit me sometimes at Mablethorpe House.