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Although we are now consenting over 35,000 new homes a year, this is still below the record 40,025 new homes consented at the peak in the February 1974 year, construction statistics manager Melissa McKenzie said.
It is worth noting that having consented provides only a necessary condition for consenting to be moral transformative.
Whether "the master of the house" consented or objected, his decision would control.
Documenting the participation of the client in the development of the plan of care will demonstrate that the patient was informed regarding the plan and has consented to it.
In the aforementioned case, if the surgical site consented to by the patient's parents had been enumerated on the consent form, and that consent form had been verified during the time-out in the operating room, the wrong-site surgery on the boy's eye might have been avoided.
Patients are given the explicit choice to opt-out during the initial consent process or to withdraw anytime after they have consented.
Though the client has agreed generally to a massage, they have not consented to this particular treatment and its side effects and risks.
You may be deemed to have consented to electronic transactions.
Each holder of Notes, who validly consented to the proposed amendments on or prior to the Consent Expiration Date, and did not validly withdraw such consent, will be entitled to 105.75% of the principal amount of such Notes (the "Total Consideration").
Section 36 lists certain circumstances in which the complainant is deemed not to have consented (for example, if they were unconscious).
It is generally assumed, however, that the patient, in consenting to the operation, has consented to everything necessary in theatre to permit the operation to be undertaken safely (Richardson-Tench 2006).
As an incentive, they offered an ice-cream party to all students if 90% of their homeroom returned the screening consent forms (regardless of whether the parent consented to the program or not).