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Outreach is critically important for OHD because increasing the number of citizens actually involved in the meetings increases the components of the overlapping consenus OHD seeks to create.
He added: "They need to look around them at the growing consenus about this issue worldwide.
If they had a bit of consenus themselves, then they could talk to us about consenus.
Playing for much of the Welsh match without Murray makes it hard to assess Scotland's performance in the line last Sunday but there was a consenus that things had to be tightened up anyway after the opening win against France.
Coun Smith claims a report will be made to Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals Trust today which will make it clear there is a growing consenus in favour of the Smethwick option.
The consenus among the 20 or so Caribbean exhibitors was that their products' appeal came from associations with the "relaxed, spicy Caribbean lifestyle".