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This is true of the rhetoric even if, as I argue below, the substance of the reforms was a crude act consequentialism that incapacitates undesirables regardless of desert.
I merely want to make clear that IH would seem to presuppose a form of consequentialism about wronging.
This is because Ratner does not restrict rule consequentialism to the screening of legal norms.
In fact, it seems as if consequentialism either is only used within climate economics, that is in the form of rather standard cases of cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis, or is criticised for being ill-equipped to deal with situations in which the consequences of our actions are laden with risks and uncertainties (Norcross, 1990; Lenman, 2000).
Therefore, his project combines consequentialism with virtue ethics because he sees each as having something the other requires to make sense of contemporary morality.
The use of the MVP constraint might be described as a kind of duty based or deontological ethic rather than utilitarian consequentialism.
Consequentialism demands nothing more stringent than selecting "those rules and institutions that maximize the satisfaction of preferences.
Highlights are Keown's The Nature of Buddhist Ethics, which makes a strong case for virtue ethics, and Goodman's Consequences of Compassion, which argues for a form of consequentialism.
consequentialism sort could be tackled by some reasonable compromise.
In everyday language, consequentialism might be described by the phrase: the ends justify the means.
Writing for an audience with general background knowledge of moral philosophy, particularly with regards to normative theories such as deontology and consequentialism, Athanassoulis (ethics, Keele U.
schools of moral philosophy: consequentialism and deontology.