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From 132 KV Peshawar Fort's grid station, power supply will remain suspended on October 25 and 30 October from 8 am to 2 pm, consequently causing difficulty for the consumers of 11 Kv QissaKhani and Shuba feeders.
One is that compared with the nickel-metal hydride batteries used, for example, in the EV1, they have greater power density, and consequently reduces weight.
Christian education is consequently an education in freedom and for freedom.
Consequently, the company has been able to incorporate the vibrator feature as an optional addition to the pan on the groomer.
Consequently, there are no teachers, classes, or swim tests at Green River, only mentors (naturalists), activities, and a swim festival.
Consequently, if one member of a consolidated group is involved in a CERT, the rules under Sec.
Consequently, commercial property value growth is now greater than residential value growth.
Consequently, a lot of coordination, diplomacy, cooperation, and fast talking between government representatives and civilian vendors would be needed to quickly field a usable version of this ISID kit, especially considering the lack of budget, formal requirements, office, or personnel.
Under the arrangement, 98% of Castle Harbour's operating income was allocated to the Dutch banks; consequently, the same percentage of net book income (operating income reduced by expenses including an allocable amount of depreciation) was allocated to the banks, representing their actual income from the Castle Harbour investment.
Many individuals from all walks of life who lived under the Taliban spoke to us of the alienation of the people from the regime, and consequently even of Islam.
Consequently, these materials have lower densities than silicones that contain extending fillers.