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Other programs offer incentives to landowners who maintain or develop conservation values, including Safe Harbor agreements for endangered species and the federal Farm Bill.
Sargent says the most important step we can take toward improving energy security and reducing the potential impact from global warming is to stimulate conservation.
IRC section 170(f)(3) normally denies a charitable contribution for donations of less than a taxpayer's entire interest in a property, but there is an exception for a "qualified conservation contribution.
Most of the papers in the special section illustrate the promise of the precision conservation at the field level.
At Octagon Park Apartments, the first Green Building to rise on Roosevelt Island, the challenge of reducing energy usage by 35% (35% reduction below standard is required to qualify) as well as using sustainable materials, achieving environmental conservation and protection of air quality was met after considerable planning.
Now, Ontario's network of protected areas has grown to over 316 provincial parks, 249 conservation reserves and 10 "wilderness areas.
Building bridges is necessary in both war and peace, and as Annette Lanjouw brings out so well, there is much room for collaboration among relief, conservation, and development organizations which have methods, goals, and objectives in common.
Conservation treatments such as binding repairs and paper mending have been done on a case-by-case basis, as individual pieces are used or acquired.
But to speak of the conservation of our farming people is only another way of saying that we must conserve local memory and local cultures, which include the knowledge of the best ways of using local landscapes.
To counter the mounting slaughter of elephants and other key game species - in which, ironically, white settlers had taken the early lead - governments simply outlawed traditional hunting and instituted Western-style game management founded on the twin pillars of state wildlife ownership and centralized, command- and-control conservation.

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