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There are now so many reds on the island that some are crossing the bridges to mainland Wales, and conservationists are encouraging populations at Ogwen Valley, five miles from Bangor.
The last time a baiji sighting was confirmed was in 2002, according to reports, and in 2006, conservationists officially declared the species functionally extinct after failing to spot one single baiji during a six-week survey mission.
The children and nature movement offers conservationists a powerful new way to make their case.
Footage of several terrified ornithologists being threatened by an irate poacher was also featured in the film, which was shown on Thursday evening and comes exactly a year after a brutal attack by poachers left several conservationists injured in hospital.
Train, as Flippen successfully argues, was perhaps the penultimate example of Theodore Rooseveltian conservationist political sensibility among Republicans in the Nixon era.
Such a task is so difficult to accomplish that conservationists don't even make it a priority.
This conservationist ethic is not an automatic reflex to defend tradition and the status quo.
But Mal, from Prestwick, Ayrshire is a keen conservationist with an eye on Scotland's future stocks.
I am a conservationist and a farmer, a wilderness advocate and an agrarian.
elected Colorado conservationist Bryan Pritchett to chair the organization's Board of Directors for the next two years.
As with any director, all a conservationist wants to do is to help the company make better decisions.
An avid sportman and conservationist, Duncan has hunted big game and birds on six continents, collecting an impressive 273 species and placing 282 animals in the record books.

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