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Not only did books with titles like Conservatism Revisited, The Case for Conservatism, The Conservative Mind, and Conservatism in America appear in rapid succession between 1947 and 1955, but distinctly conservative ideas--not merely pro-business or anticommunist ones--were unmistakable in works by authors such as Richard M.
Why did conservatism enjoy a revival at this, of all times, even in as unlikely a place as America?
In considering conservatism, a good place to start is with a rather extreme version of the position--a version that for this very reason conservatism's opponents would like to saddle on its advocates.
Conservatism roots in the crucial fact that one cannot just abandon the status quo but has to replace it with something detailed and specific.
This is because modern conservatism in general and certainly American conservatism in particular is a paradoxical orientation.
Patrick Allitt displays a superb eye for the paradoxes that constitute conservatism in America.
Richard Pipes, Russian Conservatism and Its Critics: A Study in Political Culture.
In Russia, Russian conservatism is rapidly becoming one of the most fashionable topics in intellectual history.
THERE ARE MANY VILLAINS IN CONSERVATISM in America--including, in the interest of full disclosure, the college where I work but chief among them is Harry V.
CONSERVATISM IN AMERICA OPENS WITH A "special acknowledgement" to the dead German thinkers whom Allan Bloom criticized in The Closing of the American Mind (1987), and from whom Gottfried has "happily drawn [his] insights." Thus Gottfried uses the term "values" in its proper Weberian sense--meaning an individual's opinions, by which all other opinions will be measured, and meaning as well to suggest the impossibility of objective truth.
SENATOR JEFF FLAKES HISTORY OF conservatism in Conscience of a Conservative is familiar: Barry Goldwater offered renewal to an intimidated, marginalized Republican Party.
The relationship between pragmatism and conservatism has been a rocky one.