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33 and was the 82nd most conservative Democrat out of a total of 211 Democrats.
Some conservatives accuse libertarians of treating all shared values or conventions with contempt.
Hadn't people just recently been speaking of the conservative majority as a near-permanent realignment?
If the Conservative Index rated congressmen based on "neo-conservatism" as opposed to traditional conservatism, most Republicans would have earned high scores.
Hence, in many ways the Christian identity has become a great weight, keeping cultural Christians from fully engaging in the public discourse, and giving conservative Christians an undeserved level of legitimacy and credibility.
The conservatives were outraged that the behavior in question had happened at all, and that allowing it was even under discussion.
They conclude that it's high time Canadian conservatives start acting like conservatives.
Robinson identifies Sullivan as the most political of the gay conservatives examined in his book when viewed through his three axes identified earlier and confirms that like Bawer, Sullivan is critical of the alliance politics mentioned earlier.
For instance, they join white religious conservatives in the backing of a national ban on same-sex marriages.
Although a number of socially liberal Liberals took a drubbing in the 2006 election, many socially conservative MPs from that party were re-elected, including Paul Szabo, Tom Wappel, Paul Steckle, Dan McTeague and Joe Comuzzi, the latter of whom gave up a cabinet post in order to vote against his party on same-sex "marriage" legislation.
The two worked together on the College Republican National Committee in the early 1980s, and Abramoff later helped Reed organize politically conservative Jews after TV preacher Pat Robertson's presidential campaign collapsed in 1988 and he decided to form the Christian Coalition.