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This city has historically been somewhat conservative in terms of interconnecting personal and professional lives," Catania says, adding that he believes most gay men and lesbians in such situations eventually the of living in the closet and find another job.
Conservative primates and bishops have visited Canada and the U.
What is striking about The Conservative Mind, however, is how little these pivotal issues of the period figure in Kirk's "essay in definition.
Alterman mentions Jeffrey Scheuer's book The Sound Bite Society, which argues that the medium of TV favors simplicity, the very product that conservative pundits peddle.
Indeed, according to Herzog it is "contempt for pariah groupings" that was "the ground of unholy community between conservatives and democrats" (p.
What conservative Catholics claim is that Catholic liberals have turned the church into just one more vehicle for addressing people's personal grievances.
The Sixth Circuit also found that the "substantially unreasonable" test - the standard developed by the Tax Court and used by the district court in Rhoades, McKee to uphold conservative actuarial assumptions - was wrong because it granted more deference to actuarial assumptions than was intended under the statute.
Most of all, Washington needs to be reintroduced to certain basic conservative truths.
Margaret Meling, Labour Jeff Milburn, Conservative Alexander Bruce Donaldson, Labour June Elsom, Ind Quintin Ian Patrick Smith, Conservative # Ian Armstrong, Conservative Andrew Cotton, Lib Dem Maureen Scott, BNP Alan Smith, Labour Geraldine White, Ind
These defeats wouldn't have come as a surprise if not for the consensus, minted hours after the 2004 polls closed, that Republicans were building a permanent majority on the backs of conservative evangelicals.
Among the remaining Republicans, the most appealing option should be that described by the young conservative writers Reihan Salam and Ross Douthat-in their article in The Weekly Standard, "The Party of Sam's Club": Acknowledge that the socially conservative working-class white families who make up the Republican voting base actually need something from government, and that if you're worried about strong families, the best thing you can do is to ensure that they have health care and a measure of economic security.