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The community is predominantly Muslim, and its emigrants have mostly adhered to a conservative reading of their faith.
Based on our figures, even a conservative reading of voting intentions shows there are now at least 58 MLAs in favour of legislating for equal marriage, with 49 or fewer opposed.
But Drilon said the DA had been ultraconservative and was implementing a very, very conservative reading of the Supreme Court decision on the Disbursement Acceleration Program and the realignment of savings.
A third reading, the conservative reading holds that the Guide's great achievement is in its demonstration that eternal preexistence of the world cannot be proved.
On the most conservative reading, at least 8,200 people in the country have special needs.
The Pope rather insisted on the more conservative reading into the meaning of priestly life.
They argue it promotes a conservative reading of Vatican II that could, in effect, repeal changes the council sought to introduce, such as a more open stance toward other religions and the secular world.
Lope de Vega's plays present a conservative reading of women as unsuitable rulers.
Christian fundamentalists and Web site personality Matt Drudge, who have seen earlier versions of ``Passion,'' have defended the film, but that has done little to allay fears that Gibson's conservative reading of the New Testament might be seen as anti-Jewish.
Thus, there are deep splits within the societies based on various ideological or material tendencies, be that a liberal or conservative reading of Islam or a pro- or anti-Western attitude.
Neill gets round the conservative reading which sees Sense and Sensibility, as a series of dichotomies in which Marianne's sensibility, emotional openness and incipient Romanticism are "wrong" and opposed to Elinor's sense, repressive control and Johnsonian attitudes, which are "right".
Norbrook seeks to correct here a quietist and conservative reading of Paradise Lost that some Miltonists will not recognize as universal or ascendant, and here as elsewhere in the book Norbrook's own speech-act seems to take much of its meaning in a specifically British context.
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