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Thus, the study will calculate returns to invested capital as the ratio of conservatively measured annual benefits to overvalued capital assets.
Both the senior and subordinate liens are subject to an additional bonds test that conservatively discounts historical GGRT receipts and projected pledged revenues based on the credit quality of the loans; this provides protection against the programs becoming overleveraged.
Our balance sheet is conservatively leveraged and should continue to enable the company to make the necessary investments to grow in our principal aerospace, defense and commercial electronics markets.
3 million acres of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) to oil and natural gas drilling and could conservatively yield 5.
Credit unions are conservatively run financial institutions.
Conservatively speaking, if out of 500,000 free downloads only 2% of those were to set up accounts, it would equate to 10,000 new LIVE video content channels, providing a treasure trove of possible "Eagle Cam" like, experiences, while generating over $750,000.
Until that review is complete, we will operate the system conservatively,'' he said.
Fitch notes that most balance sheets have been managed conservatively.