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The benefit measures are designed conservatively to provide a defensible lower bound to the annual benefits of each library, not an unbiased estimate of each library's annual benefits.
Others, like Steen, dress conservatively but refuse to wear the abaya.
Leverage is used conservatively, with debt-to-equity ratios well below an ultimate target of 7.
NAHREP's 2004 study estimated that the market potential for these loans is conservatively $44 billion in new mortgages," said Timothy Sandos, NAHREP President and CEO.
But he drove conservatively, and because of caution flags returned to contention.
Furthermore, an upgrade would assume that management continues to manage capital conservatively, given PBCT's earning asset mix and incremental operational risk assumed as the bank grows.
Ray: And driving conservatively and gently is exactly how you get 200,000 miles out of an engine.
Indeed, more than half of pre-retirees (57 percent) are concerned that they might be too conservatively invested and, therefore, may not grow their assets enough during retirement to keep them from outliving their savings.
Although year-end fiscal 2007 cash flow projections indicate a decline in cash balances, they are conservatively based on modest assessed valuation (AV) growth.