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Previous research has shown a connection between conservativism and Republicanism with authoritarianism (Eckhardt, 1991; Kemmelmeier, 2004).
James Boyle, A Process of Denial: Bork and Post-Modern Conservativism, 3 YALE J.
In this way, our work also provides a rationale for debt conservativism that tallies with the theoretical predictions recently proposed by Almeida, Campello, and Weisbach (2009) and DeAngelo, DeAngelo, and Whited (2010), and may provide an explanation of the so-called low leverage puzzle.
Its NHS and schools reforms are rooted in classic free-market Conservativism, and could increase social division.
These results go hand in hand with the cultural victories that we are winning against fundamentalism and conservativism, such as the passage of the Equal Marriage Law.
It enabled Carr to practice soft neoliberalsim with social conservativism, while presenting an electorally appealing contrast to the 'hard neoliberalism' of the Coalition Government.
Over the decades, Les' convictions and ideals have both embodied and bucked the zeitgeist, as he's veered from left-leaning political views to his current individualized brand of renegade conservativism.
104) Their practices provide a striking contrast to the conservativism of the American position.
But Qirbi's comments underscored how Washington must tread carefully as it strengthens its partnership with Yemen's fragile government, which has little control over large parts of the country outside the capital and rules over a population where Islamic conservativism and mistrust of the Unites States is widespread.
In his reflections on Stahl, Drucker goes on to describe a lively, dynamic conservativism (lebendiger konservatismus) in which history is viewed as a succession of contingent events and behaviors; that is, events and behaviors that might have never occurred, and always under the watchful care of Divine Providence (Die Augen Gottes).
However, the depiction of casual sex in romance fiction challenges the stigma of conservativism around the genre and replaces it with an emerging sexual equality that challenges the prevailing double standard in western culture.
The group's collaborative practice can be viewed as an urgent response to the political and cultural conservativism of the '80s--in which the art establishment endorsed a fierce return to traditional modes of production and circulation (i.

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