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n. a guardian and protector appointed by a judge to protect and manage the financial affairs and/or the person's daily life due to physical or mental limitations or old age. The conservator may be only of the "estate" (meaning financial affairs), but may be also of the "person," when he/she takes charge of overseeing the daily activities, such as health care or living arrangements of the conservatee. The process is that a relative or friend petitions the local superior court for appointment of a specific conservator, with written notice served on the potential conservatee. The object of this concern is interviewed by a court-appointed investigator to determine need, desire and understanding of the potential conservatee as well as the suitability of the proposed conservator. An open hearing is held before the appointment is made. The conservator is required to make regular accountings which must be approved by the court. The conservator may be removed by order of the court if no longer needed, upon the petition of the conservatee or relatives, or for failure to perform his/her duties. (See: conservatee, guardian)

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CONSERVATOR. A preserver, a protector.
     2. Before the institution of the office of justices of the peace in England, the public order was maintained by officers who bore the name of conservators of the peace. All judges, justices, sheriffs and constables, are conservators of the peace, and are bound, ex officio, to be aiding and assisting in preserving older.
     3. In Connecticut, this term is applied to designate a guardian who has the care of the estate of an idiot. 5 Conn. R. 280.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Chief conservator of forests, Malakand Forests Region-III Swat (OPS), Azhar Ali Khan (BPS-19) has been designated as chief conservator of forests, Northern Forests Region-II, Abbottabad in his own pay and scale against the vacant post.
Priority of appointment as conservator. The priority of appointment as a conservator under MCL 700.5409 (conservator in other state, spouse, adult child, etc.) is far easier to determine as the court may pass over any individual with priority if it is in the ward's best interest.
However, when conservators actively engage with the public, emerging from the chamber at set times to explain processes and answer questions, the tableau comes to life: then, visitors might be encouraged to return to observe progress over time--though the conservator needs considerable communication skills.
Under the new policy, the IC said conservators and receivers should include a proposal to reinsure or increase the reinsurance coverage in the respective rehabilitation plans of the companies they handle.
It noted that in its formal reply dated April 21 this year, the National Museum management said that its own art conservators did not restore the painting while denying that the restoration work had been suspended.
The Chief Conservator would keep the data himself and he expressed the hope that through GIT system the illegal occupation of forest land could be eradicated.
Museums have access to technical equipment that independent conservators lack, according to Rhona MacBeth, a conservator at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
“We are pleased to support the Conservators Center through our High Five Grant Program,” said Claire Holley, executive director of the NCVMA.
"Unfortunately he used a very irreversible material - epoxy has a very high property for attaching and is used on metal or stone but I think it wasn't suitable for an outstanding object like Tutankhamun's golden mask," one conservator said.
Three of the museum's conservators reached by telephone gave differing accounts of when the incident occurred last year, and whether the beard was knocked off by accident while the mask's case was being cleaned, or was removed because it was loose.
Stanislav Georgiev Lyutov and Elena Zdravkova Kostadinchev, who were until now conservators at Credit Agricole Bulgaria EAD, were appointed conservators at KTB AD.