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The move will also increase the capacity to deal with climate change, combat desertification, guarantee water and food security and conserve water catchments.
Miller, a Baron & Budd attorney, declined to break down how much of that total could allegedly be attributed to ConServe.
'We must take steps to conserve water before it is too late,' he warned.
In 2016, ConServe was selected by the IRS to be one of four approved contractors authorized to collect unpaid taxes.
In an overall industry sense, we have probably too many banks and a merger might help conserve resources and talent.
Therefore, we must assume our responsibility to conserve water.
CMN which conserves and restores historic monuments in France is a public administration that manages more than 100 important historical monuments including the Arc de Triomphe and the Abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel.
The drive's Facebook campaign invites participants to take 'the pledge' to conserve water.
According to the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy (CMLC), Project Conserve was founded in 2004 "to respond to the growing conservation needs in western North Carolina.
The title of the Best Consumer for 2011 was awarded to Fatima Saif Majid Salem, whose concentrated efforts to conserve resources achieved a staggering 42,220 kWh saving on electricity, a 127,268 gallons savings in water; as corresponding savings on her utility bill.
WHAT IS IT, EXACTLY, THAT CONTEMporary American conservatism seeks to conserve? What should it conserve?