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Pacific Gas and Electric Company customers can find "cool tips" and other ideas for conserving energy on the World Wide Web at:
Jones, chief executive officer, said today: "The new OXYMATIC 411 conserver is the latest addition to CHAD's growing family of oxygen conserving devices.
Water conserving fixtures: water saving features that conserve 40% over the regulated minimums.
The Global Power Resource provides customers with solutions to optimize and streamline designs and reduce time-to-market requirements while increasing functionality and efficiency and conserving power.
Cox Conserves focuses on reducing waste and energy consumption, as well as conserving water.
But the devil saw there was less revenue for him from man conserving water.
By conserving the oil energy by the people, the GPD will become 5.
Chinese delegation informed that LED technology was very successfully used in China for lighting the streets, parks and other public and private buildings and conserving the energy.
Dickson advocated conserving capital when capital rules are in a flux.
The kangaroo rat, which lives in the desert of southeastern Arizona, is so good at conserving water that it doesn't have to drink at all.
In the first four months of the program, CSCA diverted 18 tons of refuse from landfill disposal by conserving and recycling items like cardboard, paper, glass, plastic and aluminum.