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EVEN THOSE LIKE ME WHO HAVE LONG admired Mark Blitz's scholarship will marvel, as I do, at his achievement in Conserving Liberty.
The proposal also discriminates against those already conserving and against new customers who can't prove they are using less energy than they did a year ago.
45,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in England and in 2008, 58 percent chose to have part of the breast removed (breast conserving surgery) rather than the whole breast (mastectomy).
It involves several design strategies: conserving the lay of the land, minimizing the added infrastructure and impervious materials, reducing the frequency of water runoff, detaining stormwater on the lots, and preventing pollution.
Those events made such an impression on her that she kept conserving gas and electricity long after the decade had passed.
Panel members outlined programs offered by their organizations, which offer economic incentives for conserving energy.
He said by conserving, the city could be in a position to sell its surplus to those that cannot meet customers' needs.
It's inevitable, water meters are coming and we have all best accept it and adopt proper water conserving strategies.