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to conserve surplus food, help others and be thankful for all bounties," said Conserving Bounties CEO Ahmed Al-Kuwaiti.
Aside from conserving of electricity, EMB-DENR continues to urge the public to conserve water, segregate water properly, and to become active in joining environmental efforts.
The AEWA committee praised the Egyptian project for monitoring and conserving waterbirds.
Obviously I took literary license above, but it has become a deception that conserving energy and reducing usage saves the consumer money.
Significantly, the KR Group showcases an extensive range of Roca's energy conserving bath appliances, reinforcing the company's commitment to educating people on the importance of conserving water.
Officials at the Friends of Brierdene are celebrating after being awarded PS29,800 from the Heritage Lottery Fund for their 12-month project Investigating, Improving and Conserving the Flora and Fauna of the Brierdene.
Of these, 58 per cent chose to have part of the breast removed - breast conserving surgery - rather than a mastectomy in which the whole breast removed.
And so Conserving Liberty is divided into four chapters: (1) "Conserving Natural Rights"; (2) "Conserving Virtue"; (3) "Conserving Excellence" and (4) "Conserving Self-Government." When we understand conservatism as conserving these ends, in part because--but not merely because--they serve and support liberty, we begin to see how and why conservatism today, far more than liberalism, stands not only for liberty, but also for "good character, strong families, the worth of religion, economic growth, limited government, and vigorous national defense."
Chinese delegation informed that LED technology was very successfully used in China for lighting the streets, parks and other public and private buildings and conserving the energy.
KASKI, May 8 -- Local inhabitants of Lekhnath Municipality, Kaski, have joined hands for a campaign of conserving the biodiversity.
Dickson advocated conserving capital when capital rules are in a flux.