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When considering a loan's potential terms, a lending institution will consider several criteria.
This guide provides a state-by-state analysis of unique items that tax advisers might need to consider when preparing a business's income or franchise tax return.
HIGHER MACHINE AVAILABILITY BECAUSE OF REDUCED DOWNTIME--Apart from the time a scrap recycling operation gains by not having to do the maintenance of the items above, an analysis should also consider the time gained because there is no need to refuel an electric-driven material handler.
Our credibility and effectiveness rest on our ability to uphold our responsibility to fully and fairly consider all points of view.
By contrast, only 39% would consider having an abortion because they did not wish to have a child (or an additional child), 25% if they could not afford to raise a child and 20% if having a child would mean they had to leave school or lose their job.
In reaching its conclusion, the Board has considered all the facts of record in light of the factors that it is required to consider under the BHC Act.
99), the IRS will consider an Offer in Compromise for only three reasons:
Many people ask, "Why would you consider a career in an institution that discriminates against gay people?
13-14 meeting is also likely to consider a similar cease-and-desist order with a 2009 deadline for Palmdale's sanitation district, whose treated sewage has contaminated groundwater with nitrates.
Some consider caring a desirable character trait; some consider it a weakness.
As an example, consider justifying any kind of replication technology for the purpose of providing an off-site copy of data (e.