consider again

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30 years after the Chinese Communist Partys (CCP) brutal massacre of peaceful democratic protestors in Tiananmen Square, we are concerned that China would consider again brutally putting down peaceful protests.
'Alam mo siguro nakalipas na 'yon sapagkat nabigyan na ako ng pagkakataon,' Poe said when asked in an interview if she would consider again running for president in 2022.
I hope on that day, the Supreme Court will consider again my client's request to be released on bail so that he can get treatment for his ailments,' Chansak said.
"Once we get some clarity, which hopefully we will in autumn of this year, about the Brexit outcome and the future relationship between the UK and the EU, then I will consider again the question of the timing of an independence referendum," she said.
Forget about Brexit for once and let's concentrate on maybe getting back to consider again our position on this matter.
Backing Buttler to open England's whiteball batting again in future, Morgan said: "It's certainly something we'd consider again.
I had a water birth which is definitely a choice I would consider again in future."
"In an uncertain world, in a society where childhood has lost so much of its innocence and children were encouraged to grow up fast, perhaps we need to consider again that there is a 'time to sow' and grow....
He urged conference participants to ''consider again the inhumanity of atomic weapons,'' saying, ''I wonder if representatives from the nuclear powers understand the true horror of nuclear weapons.''
into the hole at the house's south side and consider again
According to analysts, however, DnB may consider again a potential sale when European market conditions improve.
So consider again our local grocery store for a minute.