consider again

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I had a water birth which is definitely a choice I would consider again in future.
In an uncertain world, in a society where childhood has lost so much of its innocence and children were encouraged to grow up fast, perhaps we need to consider again that there is a 'time to sow' and grow.
A timely reminder to businesses to consider again the thorny issue of employee restrictive covenants.
LEWIS HAMILTON hopes Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone will drop plans to consider again a medal system in the sport, insisting it was "not his greatest idea".
Mr Walsh said he hoped the injunction gave the union a chance to pause and consider again the "very fair" offer BA had made.
Mr Walsh said he hoped the union would pause and consider again the "very fair" offer BA had made, admitting relations between the two sides were "strained".
The rearranged match will be midweek and it will cost us to get people off work - then there are the transport payments to consider again.
A disciplinary body must consider again what punishment to mete out to Dr Alan Hutchinson, after a High Court upheld its finding that the dentist urinated into a surgical sink and went on to see a patient without washing his hands or wearing gloves.
If, however, no solution can be found for this dispute it will be referred back to a special meeting or our next meeting in November to consider again.
Ministers promised that the laws were merely a stopgap measure which the Commons could consider again after the summer holidays.
Now it looks like reimportation, which Congress will consider again this year, might undermine Canadian regulations instead.
Liverpool, meanwhile, have been urged to consider again the controversial subject of a shared stadium with Everton, despite fans' opposition to the plan.