consider beforehand

See: prearrange
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There are also certain magistrates peculiar to certain states--as the pre-advisers are not proper in a democracy, but a senate is; for one such order is necessary, whose business shall be to consider beforehand and prepare those bills which shall be brought before the people that they may have leisure to attend to their own affairs; and when these are few in number the state inclines to an oligarchy.
Catherick's house--and knocked, without waiting to consider beforehand how I might best present myself when I got in.
But doctors have to consider beforehand if the brain area to be extracted is accessible (if it can be reached without damaging other parts of the brain) and, above all, if it is a tissue that does not fulfill any important function, but that causes epileptic disorders.
There are some matters to consider beforehand, such as whether the whole account balance will need to be accessed within the next five years.
If you're having an operation, here are some things you should consider beforehand.
Bridal boutique Qiana Bridal offers the following points to consider beforehand: 1.
I learned a lot about the boat and its history which I didn't really consider beforehand.
Here are some thoughts about the risk factors in this situation for you to consider beforehand.
Here are some helpful tips and questions to consider beforehand to make the process as easy and painless as possible.
Based on experience, we were sure the next physician would have none of this documentation to consider beforehand.
This puzzle, recently posed online to members of an armed robbery discussion listserv, is one of many robbery-related situations that typical store or bank staff don't consider beforehand. Only one of the six subscribers to respond online got the answer right: investigators should be let in through the door the robber used to enter, because any latent prints on that door's outside handle would be of little use as evidence.
KCNA also said Japan should consider beforehand the future consequences of its "decisive action" against such a missile launch.