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were reported before the recent rainfall that was considerably reduced to nearly 200 after heavy downpour in the district.
Rainfall totals can, and do, vary considerably from one area to another.
But volumetric sales failed to pick up considerably and the only reasonable increase was witnessed in the white oil category which grew by 8 percent year on year.
This considerably further facilitates a following sorting of the paper stream, as the separation of small elements is highly labor intensive.
A recent report from Marsh finds the purchase of property terrorism insurance in 2005 varied considerably, depending on a company's total insured values, location and industry sector.
The use of coincidences between electron and proton signals will allow us to considerably suppress the background.
afarensis males as the considerably larger sex, with the fiercest male fighters monopolizing the mating game.
However, there are company management teams that believe the costs incurred for SOX compliance have been excessive, and considerably greater than the benefits received.
The third method, stochastic, provides considerably more pricing information and is explored at greater length.
The new book tells the same story, albeit in a considerably more luxurious setting.
Nevertheless, the book as a whole presents considerably more argumentation and evidence.
Murphy says investors are considerably more sophisticated in their expectations than they have been in the past.