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And when Anne, utterly insensible to the honor, refused him, as delicately and considerately as she could -- for even a Sloane had feelings which ought not to be unduly lacerated -- Sloanishness still further betrayed itself.
Alban's patient adherence to his own view--so courteously and considerately urged--was beginning to try her temper.
Undeserved disaster followed him from one employment to another, until he abandoned the struggle, bade a last farewell to the pride of other days, and accepted the position considerately and delicately offered to him in Lady Lydiard's house.
Westwick had no choice but to explain that he was concerned as a shareholder in a new Hotel Company at Venice, and that he had invested a small sum of money for the nurse (not very considerately, as I think) in the speculation.
Van Brandt waited, delicately and considerately, until the first violence of the girl's grief had worn itself out, and then he pleaded irresistibly for a husband's claim to console her.
I got in late and was shown to my room on the ground floor by an apologetic night-clerk with a tallow candle, which he considerately left with me.
I heard him say to himself, as he considerately turned away from me for a few moments.
Arnold came considerately to the rescue, and got her out of the room.
On which the dead man very considerately got up and locked the door on the inside.
The worthy man was inclined to ring and deliver them at the house, for there was still a light in the window; but he did not like disturbing the other people in their beds, and so very considerately he left the matter alone.
Listen to me," she said, considerately avoiding all notice of my loss of self-control.
So she wrote to me to say that if I ever felt myself hurt,' she looked down at her young mistress, 'or found myself worried,' she looked down at her again, 'I might go to her, and be considerately treated.