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13) However, temporarily congruent with these statements is Aquinas's De Ente elaboration of an absolute consideration of essence, absolute consideratio.
Thus the disappointed Lowell, though dropped out of consideratio for the inept-but politically influential - Sickles - could still remark to his daughter that he had come "within an ace of being the Minister--or, if I may be allowed a little natural bitterness, under the circumstances, within an ass of it.
Speculativarum vero scientiarum materiam oportet esse res quae a nostro opere non fiunt; unde earum consideratio in operationem ordinari non potest sicut in finem," emphasis mine.
Nam cognitio causarum alicuius generis, est finis ad quem consideratio scientiae pertingit.
Serious consideratio n was given to having metal detectors at commencement last spring since the writer of the e-mail (never caught) threatened to kill persons there.
13) Such a theology is at least remotely suggested in section 8 of the first chapter of Lonergan, De Deo trino: Pars systematica, entitled "Motus historici consideratio ulterior.
Tindal Street has set up an editorial committee including Whitbread Prize-winning novelist Jim Crace, who has been hammering away for years on the absence of a publishing industry in Birmingham, and it is now beginning to gather material for consideratio n.
Application of the courts' standards within the framework of Section 197 and structuring future taxable asset acquisitions to maximize the benefits and minimize the potential drawbacks of Section 197 first necessitates consideratio of the impact of Section 1060.
19) It should be noted, by way of anticipation, that Thomas's notions of consideratio, determination, and exercitium will each play a crucial role in Giles of Rome's own moral psychology.
ut cum dicimus, Homo est caecus, vel, est non albus, et tunc jam videtur admisceri quidam improprius modus cognoscendi et concipiendi; nam cum in verbo est, ipsum ens aliquo modo includatur, jam attribuitur per modum, entis id, quod revera non est ens, atque in hoc fundatur seu inchoatur altera consideratio negationis et privations, quatenus entia rationis sunt, de qua statim dicimus.
Intelligible character and the absolute consideration of a form hearken back to the discussion of natures absolutely considered (absoluta consideratio ipsius) in St.