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Annuity sellers in five states operated in markets with annuity consideration growth of 4% or more.
Catherine O'Hara and Parker Posey play actresses in ``Home for Purim,'' the movie-within-a-movie in ``For Your Consideration.
One component of transformational leadership is individualized consideration behavior.
This rule can present a problem, if the overall value of the consideration to be paid to the target shareholders is fixed in the definitive agreement, and the value of the acquirer stock falls between the date of the definitive agreement and the dosing date.
In the absence of evidence to the contrary, consideration transferred by the acquirer at the acquisition date is presumed to be the best evidence of the fair value of the acquirer's interest in the acquiree.
It determined that adequate and full consideration would require a bona fide and arm's-length price and must be reasonably related to the value of the property acquired.
An institution's most recent CRA performance evaluation is a particularly important consideration in the applications process because it represents a detailed, on-site evaluation of the institution's overall record of performance under the CRA by its appropriate federal supervisor.
Macrocycle -- an overview of the entire training year, complete with the plugged-in percentages, exercises, and volume considerations for each of the following shorter cycles.
Status: Referred to the House Subcommittee on Select Education for further consideration.
Mucha says that the availability and cost of skilled operators, maintenance and depreciation costs are also a consideration.
Another important consideration with a Western Bentonite bonded sand system is the relationship to high-density molding.