considered decision

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In a letter sent to the presidents and general secretaries of the 209 member associations of world football's governing body, he said: "This was a very personal, carefully considered decision, one in which I weighed up the future of football alongside my own future.
This was a very personal, carefully considered decision, one in which I weighed up the future of football alongside my own future," read Platini's letter sent to football's governing body and published on the UEFA website on Wednesday afternoon.
We therefore urge every member of the council to reject the hasty recommendations of senior officers, and, instead, keep Pantycelyn open as Welsh-language halls of residence for 2015-16 at the very least, allowing for a more open and considered decision about the building's future during the next academic year.
Garlock made a considered decision to do what most civil litigants do: settle.
Recognising the limitations under the existing legislation, we have taken a considered decision to enact a comprehensive new law on black money to specifically deal with such money stashed away abroad.
In its letter to Sebi, the Association of National Exchanges Members of India had also said that in the absence of an operational market on the budget day, the price discovery process would get hampered and market participants, traders and investors would not get the requisite opportunity to take considered decision on their portfolio.
But as on those previous occasions, the considered decision was that play should go on here.
It is an underestimation of the electorate's intelligence, maturity and ability to come to a considered decision by claiming they only vote out of fear.
And in the finish, there is just a "she said, I told, he thought, we did," lapse of a considered decision on what needed to be done and no clear instructions given as to how the issue should be addressed, who is responsible and how it will be announced.
He has made a considered decision to move to Goodison rather than take more money elsewhere and the Blues can provide him with a great opportunity to finish an extraordinary career on a high.
As a result the production company, together with the BBC and the mosque, made a considered decision to postpone the debate.
While the state has maintained that its new notification is a " carefully considered decision that aims to end elitism", the private schools have been vehemently opposing it.