considered opinion

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It is my considered opinion that no reallocation or decrease of funds should be considered or allowed.
It was the considered opinion of SEC counsel that the Stock Purchase Agreement and spin-off of Universal Express Capital Corp.
In fact, there are people with long experience of working in the arts whose considered opinion about the present Arts Council is that it is an organisation in chaos, which would struggle to arrange a convivial evening in a brewery.
In its very carefully considered opinion, the Court of Appeals makes it clear that Native Americans in New York state have the same right to build and operate casinos as they do in other states, such as Connecticut, that permit other types of Class III gaming.
I am concerned that we don't have enough information to make a considered opinion.
According to press release issued here on Wednesday, he said that it is the considered opinion of the business community that DST does not provide any benefit.
Former England manager and Newcastle boss Sir Bobby Robson said: "The considered opinion from everybody would be that the two sets of people are completely different.
Then a properly considered opinion could be formed.
The head of the Independent Television Commission in Wales, Stella Mair Thomas, said it would give considered opinion to any concrete proposals from Granada and Carlton.
It is impossible for me to accept that 10 people of the same political persuasion should arrive at the same considered opinion on such a sensitive matter.
It is the considered opinion of some agents in Newcastle that headline rents for Grade A office space in the city centre will this year become established at pounds 22 per sqft and pounds 24 per sqft will be reached by the end of the year.